♥ About the Auction ♥

Welcome to the sneak-peek list of silent auction items! Check back often as items will be added as they come in. Below is a description of each category. Click the category title above each description to see the items listed within.
Go to a specific description on this page:

♥ Lessons ♥

Win a jam with an instructor or experienced dancer!
Our instructors also auction off private lessons on auction night, so step up your skills here!

♥ Bands ♥

Are you all about the music? Here you'll find CDs and DVDs of
the best swing music and the chance to sing with one of your favorite Hilton bands!

♥ Fashion ♥

Looking to ramp up your wardrobe? This is the place for you.
Find poodle skirts, bowling shirts, gift cards to buy vintage-style dresses and shoes, and
even a shopping field trip with fellow dancers!

♥ Food and Drink ♥

Local restaurants are at your service! Find gift cards or events to treat yourself to a variety of cuisine to replenish the calories you've burned while dancing the night away!

♥ Activities and Services ♥

Okay, every once in a while there are a few hours when you are not dancing. Here are some ways to fill the time until the next band starts to play. Spas, theater tickets, museums -- they're all here for the bidding!

♥ Miscellaneous ♥

This is the place to find auction items that don't fit into other categories.

♥ Raffle! ♥

This category is for items that aren't in the silent auction. Raffle drawings will be done throughout the night. Get your tickets and enter to win! Must be present to win a raffle!

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